Response.force_type(response, environ=None)

Enforce that the WSGI response is a response object of the current type. Werkzeug will use the BaseResponse internally in many situations like the exceptions. If you call get_response() on an exception you will get back a regular BaseResponse object, even if you are using a custom subclass.

This method can enforce a given response type, and it will also convert arbitrary WSGI callables into response objects if an environ is provided:

# convert a Werkzeug response object into an instance of the
# MyResponseClass subclass.
response = MyResponseClass.force_type(response)

# convert any WSGI application into a response object
response = MyResponseClass.force_type(response, environ)

This is especially useful if you want to post-process responses in the main dispatcher and use functionality provided by your subclass.

Keep in mind that this will modify response objects in place if possible!

  • response – a response object or wsgi application.
  • environ – a WSGI environment object.

a response object.