Find instances of the regular expression in the text. The text is a list of tokens, and a regexp pattern to match a single token must be surrounded by angle brackets. E.g.

>>> from nltk.text import TokenSearcher
>>> print('hack'); from import text1, text5, text9
>>> text5.findall("<.*><.*><bro>")
you rule bro; telling you bro; u twizted bro
>>> text1.findall("<a>(<.*>)<man>")
monied; nervous; dangerous; white; white; white; pious; queer; good;
mature; white; Cape; great; wise; wise; butterless; white; fiendish;
pale; furious; better; certain; complete; dismasted; younger; brave;
brave; brave; brave
>>> text9.findall("<th.*>{3,}")
thread through those; the thought that; that the thing; the thing
that; that that thing; through these than through; them that the;
through the thick; them that they; thought that the
Parameters:regexp (str) – A regular expression