IncrementalChartParser.__init__(grammar, strategy=[<nltk.parse.chart.LeafInitRule object at 0x2b21a94fb150>, <nltk.parse.chart.EmptyPredictRule object at 0x2b21a94fb190>, <nltk.parse.chart.BottomUpPredictCombineRule object at 0x2b21a94fb1d0>, <nltk.parse.earleychart.CompleteFundamentalRule object at 0x2b21a94fb210>], trace=0, trace_chart_width=50, chart_class=<class 'nltk.parse.earleychart.IncrementalChart'>)[source]

Create a new Earley chart parser, that uses grammar to parse texts.

  • grammar (CFG) – The grammar used to parse texts.
  • trace (int) – The level of tracing that should be used when parsing a text. 0 will generate no tracing output; and higher numbers will produce more verbose tracing output.
  • trace_chart_width (int) – The default total width reserved for the chart in trace output. The remainder of each line will be used to display edges.
  • chart_class – The class that should be used to create the charts used by this parser.