class jinja2.nodes.ImportedName(*fields, **attributes)[source]

If created with an import name the import name is returned on node access. For example ImportedName('cgi.escape') returns the escape function from the cgi module on evaluation. Imports are optimized by the compiler so there is no need to assign them to local variables.


__init__(*fields, **attributes)
as_const([eval_ctx]) Return the value of the expression as constant or raise Impossible if this was not possible.
can_assign() Check if it’s possible to assign something to this node.
find(node_type) Find the first node of a given type.
find_all(node_type) Find all the nodes of a given type.
iter_child_nodes([exclude, only]) Iterates over all direct child nodes of the node.
iter_fields([exclude, only]) This method iterates over all fields that are defined and yields (key, value) tuples.
set_ctx(ctx) Reset the context of a node and all child nodes.
set_environment(environment) Set the environment for all nodes.
set_lineno(lineno[, override]) Set the line numbers of the node and children.