Jinja exceptions.

  1. 2010 by the Jinja Team.

BSD, see LICENSE for more details.




imap imap(func, *iterables) –> imap object
text_type alias of unicode


FilterArgumentError([message]) This error is raised if a filter was called with inappropriate
SecurityError([message]) Raised if a template tries to do something insecure if the sandbox is enabled.
TemplateAssertionError(message, lineno[, ...]) Like a template syntax error, but covers cases where something in the template caused an error at compile time that wasn’t necessarily caused by a syntax error.
TemplateError([message]) Baseclass for all template errors.
TemplateNotFound(name[, message]) Raised if a template does not exist.
TemplateRuntimeError([message]) A generic runtime error in the template engine.
TemplateSyntaxError(message, lineno[, name, ...]) Raised to tell the user that there is a problem with the template.
TemplatesNotFound([names, message]) Like TemplateNotFound but raised if multiple templates are selected.
UndefinedError([message]) Raised if a template tries to operate on Undefined.