class jinja2.nodes.Operand(*fields, **attributes)[source]

Holds an operator and an expression. The following operators are available: %, **, *, +, -, //, /, eq, gt, gteq, in, lt, lteq, ne, not, notin


__init__(*fields, **attributes)
find(node_type) Find the first node of a given type.
find_all(node_type) Find all the nodes of a given type.
iter_child_nodes([exclude, only]) Iterates over all direct child nodes of the node.
iter_fields([exclude, only]) This method iterates over all fields that are defined and yields (key, value) tuples.
set_ctx(ctx) Reset the context of a node and all child nodes.
set_environment(environment) Set the environment for all nodes.
set_lineno(lineno[, override]) Set the line numbers of the node and children.