Runtime helpers.

  1. 2010 by the Jinja Team.



concat S.join(iterable) -> unicode
escape((s) -> markup) Convert the characters &, <, >, ‘, and ” in string s to HTML-safe sequences.
identity(x) the identity function. Useful for certain things in the environment
internalcode(f) Marks the function as internally used
make_logging_undefined([logger, base]) Given a logger object this returns a new undefined class that will log certain failures.
markup_join(seq) Concatenation that escapes if necessary and converts to unicode.
new_context(environment, template_name, blocks) Internal helper to for context creation.
object_type_repr(obj) Returns the name of the object’s type.
soft_unicode((object) -> string) Make a string unicode if it isn’t already.
unicode_join(seq) Simple args to unicode conversion and concatenation.


BlockReference(name, context, stack, depth) One block on a template reference.
Context(environment, parent, name, blocks) The template context holds the variables of a template.
DebugUndefined([hint, obj, name, exc]) An undefined that returns the debug info when printed.
EvalContext(environment[, template_name]) Holds evaluation time information.
LoopContext(iterable[, recurse, depth0]) A loop context for dynamic iteration.
LoopContextIterator(context) The iterator for a loop context.
Macro(environment, func, name, arguments, ...) Wraps a macro function.
Mapping A Mapping is a generic container for associating key/value pairs.
Markup Marks a string as being safe for inclusion in HTML/XML output without needing to be escaped.
StrictUndefined([hint, obj, name, exc]) An undefined that barks on print and iteration as well as boolean tests and all kinds of comparisons.
TemplateReference(context) The self in templates.
Undefined([hint, obj, name, exc]) The default undefined type.
chain chain(*iterables) –> chain object
imap imap(func, *iterables) –> imap object
text_type alias of unicode
to_string alias of unicode


TemplateNotFound(name[, message]) Raised if a template does not exist.
TemplateRuntimeError([message]) A generic runtime error in the template engine.
UndefinedError([message]) Raised if a template tries to operate on Undefined.