class werkzeug.WWWAuthenticate(auth_type=None, values=None, on_update=None)[source]

Provides simple access to WWW-Authenticate headers.


__init__([auth_type, values, on_update])
auth_property(name[, doc]) A static helper function for subclasses to add extra authentication
clear(*args, **kw)
copy(() -> a shallow copy of D)
fromkeys(...) v defaults to None.
get((k[,d]) -> D[k] if k in D, ...)
has_key((k) -> True if D has a key k, else False)
items(() -> list of D’s (key, value) pairs, ...)
iteritems(() -> an iterator over the (key, ...)
iterkeys(() -> an iterator over the keys of D)
keys(() -> list of D’s keys)
pop(key[, default])
popitem(*args, **kw)
set_basic([realm]) Clear the auth info and enable basic auth.
set_digest(realm, nonce[, qop, opaque, ...]) Clear the auth info and enable digest auth.
setdefault(key[, default])
to_header() Convert the stored values into a WWW-Authenticate header.
update(*args, **kw)
values(() -> list of D’s values)


algorithm A string indicating a pair of algorithms used to produce the digest and a checksum.
domain A list of URIs that define the protection space.
nonce A server-specified data string which should be uniquely generated each time a 401 response is made.
opaque A string of data, specified by the server, which should be returned by the client unchanged in the Authorization header of subsequent requests with URIs in the same protection space.
qop A set of quality-of-privacy directives such as auth and auth-int.
realm A string to be displayed to users so they know which username and password to use.
stale A flag, indicating that the previous request from the client was rejected because the nonce value was stale.
type The type of the auth mechanism.