werkzeug.pop_path_info(environ, charset='utf-8', errors='replace')[source]

Removes and returns the next segment of PATH_INFO, pushing it onto SCRIPT_NAME. Returns None if there is nothing left on PATH_INFO.

If the charset is set to None a bytestring is returned.

If there are empty segments ('/foo//bar) these are ignored but properly pushed to the SCRIPT_NAME:

>>> env = {'SCRIPT_NAME': '/foo', 'PATH_INFO': '/a/b'}
>>> pop_path_info(env)
>>> env['SCRIPT_NAME']
>>> pop_path_info(env)
>>> env['SCRIPT_NAME']

New in version 0.5.

Changed in version 0.9: The path is now decoded and a charset and encoding parameter can be provided.

Parameters:environ – the WSGI environment that is modified.