13. Hooking in WSGI Middlewares

If you want to add a WSGI middleware to your application you can wrap the internal WSGI application. For example if you want to use one of the middlewares from the Werkzeug package to work around bugs in lighttpd, you can do it like this:

from werkzeug.contrib.fixers import LighttpdCGIRootFix
app.wsgi_app = LighttpdCGIRootFix(app.wsgi_app)

14. Using Flask Extensions

Extensions are packages that help you accomplish common tasks. For example, Flask-SQLAlchemy provides SQLAlchemy support that makes it simple and easy to use with Flask.

For more on Flask extensions, have a look at Flask Extensions.

15. Deploying to a Web Server

Ready to deploy your new Flask app? Go to Application Deployment.