werkzeug.parse_dict_header(value, cls=<type 'dict'>)[source]

Parse lists of key, value pairs as described by RFC 2068 Section 2 and convert them into a python dict (or any other mapping object created from the type with a dict like interface provided by the cls arugment):

>>> d = parse_dict_header('foo="is a fish", bar="as well"')
>>> type(d) is dict
>>> sorted(d.items())
[('bar', 'as well'), ('foo', 'is a fish')]

If there is no value for a key it will be None:

>>> parse_dict_header('key_without_value')
{'key_without_value': None}

To create a header from the dict again, use the dump_header() function.

Changed in version 0.9: Added support for cls argument.

  • value – a string with a dict header.
  • cls – callable to use for storage of parsed results.

an instance of cls