Request.get_data(cache=True, as_text=False, parse_form_data=False)

This reads the buffered incoming data from the client into one bytestring. By default this is cached but that behavior can be changed by setting cache to False.

Usually it’s a bad idea to call this method without checking the content length first as a client could send dozens of megabytes or more to cause memory problems on the server.

Note that if the form data was already parsed this method will not return anything as form data parsing does not cache the data like this method does. To implicitly invoke form data parsing function set parse_form_data to True. When this is done the return value of this method will be an empty string if the form parser handles the data. This generally is not necessary as if the whole data is cached (which is the default) the form parser will used the cached data to parse the form data. Please be generally aware of checking the content length first in any case before calling this method to avoid exhausting server memory.

If as_text is set to True the return value will be a decoded unicode string.

New in version 0.9.