class gensim.corpora.LowCorpus(fname, id2word=None, line2words=<function split_on_space>)[source]

List_Of_Words corpus handles input in GibbsLda++ format.


Both data for training/estimating the model and new data (i.e., previously
unseen data) have the same format as follows:


in which the first line is the total number for documents [M]. Each line
after that is one document. [documenti] is the ith document of the dataset
that consists of a list of Ni words/terms.

[documenti] = [wordi1] [wordi2] ... [wordiNi]

in which all [wordij] (i=1..M, j=1..Ni) are text strings and they are separated
by the blank character.


__init__(fname[, id2word, line2words]) Initialize the corpus from a file.
docbyoffset(offset) Return the document stored at file position offset.
load(fname[, mmap]) Load a previously saved object from file (also see save).
save(*args, **kwargs)
save_corpus(fname, corpus[, id2word, metadata]) Save a corpus in the List-of-words format.
serialize(serializer, fname, corpus[, ...]) Iterate through the document stream corpus, saving the documents to fname and recording byte offset of each document.