MaltParser.__init__(parser_dirname, model_filename=None, tagger=None, additional_java_args=None)[source]

An interface for parsing with the Malt Parser.

Parameters:parser_dirname – The path to the maltparser directory that

contains the maltparser-1.x.jar :type parser_dirname: str :param model_filename: The name of the pre-trained model with .mco file extension. If provided, training will not be required. (see and see :type model_filename: str :param tagger: The tagger used to POS tag the raw string before formatting to CONLL format. It should behave like nltk.pos_tag :type tagger: function :param additional_java_args: This is the additional Java arguments that one can use when calling Maltparser, usually this is the heapsize limits, e.g. additional_java_args=[‘-Xmx1024m’] (see :type additional_java_args: list