class nltk.DiscourseTester(input, reading_command=None, background=None)[source]

Check properties of an ongoing discourse.


__init__(input[, reading_command, background]) Initialize a DiscourseTester.
add_background(background[, verbose]) Add a list of background assumptions for reasoning about the discourse.
add_sentence(sentence[, informchk, consistchk]) Add a sentence to the current discourse.
background() Show the current background assumptions.
expand_threads(thread_id[, threads]) Given a thread ID, find the list of logic.Expression objects corresponding to the reading IDs in that thread.
grammar() Print out the grammar in use for parsing input sentences
models([thread_id, show, verbose]) Call Mace4 to build a model for each current discourse thread.
multiply(discourse, readings) Multiply every thread in discourse by every reading in readings.
readings([sentence, threaded, verbose, ...]) Construct and show the readings of the discourse (or of a single sentence).
retract_sentence(sentence[, verbose]) Remove a sentence from the current discourse.
sentences() Display the list of sentences in the current discourse.