Doc2Vec.wmdistance(document1, document2)

Compute the Word Mover’s Distance between two documents. When using this code, please consider citing the following papers:

Note that if one of the documents have no words that exist in the Word2Vec vocab, float(‘inf’) (i.e. infinity) will be returned.

This method only works if pyemd is installed (can be installed via pip, but requires a C compiler).

>>> # Train word2vec model.
>>> model = Word2Vec(sentences)
>>> # Some sentences to test.
>>> sentence_obama = 'Obama speaks to the media in Illinois'.lower().split()
>>> sentence_president = 'The president greets the press in Chicago'.lower().split()
>>> # Remove their stopwords.
>>> from nltk.corpus import stopwords
>>> stopwords = nltk.corpus.stopwords.words('english')
>>> sentence_obama = [w for w in sentence_obama if w not in stopwords]
>>> sentence_president = [w for w in sentence_president if w not in stopwords]
>>> # Compute WMD.
>>> distance = model.wmdistance(sentence_obama, sentence_president)