class nltk.MultiClassifierI[source]

A processing interface for labeling tokens with zero or more category labels (or “labels”). Labels are typically strs or ints, but can be any immutable type. The set of labels that the multi-classifier chooses from must be fixed and finite.

Subclasses must define:
  • labels()
  • either classify() or classify_many() (or both)
Subclasses may define:
  • either prob_classify() or prob_classify_many() (or both)


return:the most appropriate set of labels for the given featureset.
classify_many(featuresets) Apply self.classify() to each element of featuresets.
return:the list of category labels used by this classifier.
return:a probability distribution over sets of labels for the
prob_classify_many(featuresets) Apply self.prob_classify() to each element of featuresets.