classmethod BllipParser.from_unified_model_dir(this_class, model_dir, parser_options=None, reranker_options=None)[source]

Create a BllipParser object from a unified parsing model directory. Unified parsing model directories are a standardized way of storing BLLIP parser and reranker models together on disk. See bllipparser.RerankingParser.get_unified_model_parameters() for more information about unified model directories.

Returns:A BllipParser object using the parser and reranker

models in the model directory.

  • model_dir (str) – Path to the unified model directory.
  • parser_options – optional dictionary of parser options, see

bllipparser.RerankingParser.RerankingParser.load_parser_options() for more information. :type parser_options: dict(str) :param reranker_options: optional dictionary of reranker options, see bllipparser.RerankingParser.RerankingParser.load_reranker_model() for more information. :type reranker_options: dict(str) :rtype: BllipParser