class nltk.BllipParser(parser_model=None, reranker_features=None, reranker_weights=None, parser_options=None, reranker_options=None)[source]

Interface for parsing with BLLIP Parser. BllipParser objects can be constructed with the BllipParser.from_unified_model_dir class method or manually using the BllipParser constructor.


__init__([parser_model, reranker_features, ...]) Load a BLLIP Parser model from scratch.
from_unified_model_dir(this_class, model_dir) Create a BllipParser object from a unified parsing model directory.
return:The grammar used by this parser.
parse(sentence) Use BLLIP Parser to parse a sentence.
parse_all(sent, *args, **kwargs)
parse_one(sent, *args, **kwargs)
rtype:Tree or None
parse_sents(sents, *args, **kwargs) Apply self.parse() to each element of sents.
tagged_parse(word_and_tag_pairs) Use BLLIP to parse a sentence.