ConditionalProbDist.__init__(cfdist, probdist_factory, *factory_args, **factory_kw_args)[source]

Construct a new conditional probability distribution, based on the given conditional frequency distribution and ProbDist factory.

  • cfdist (ConditionalFreqDist) – The ConditionalFreqDist specifying the frequency distribution for each condition.
  • probdist_factory (class or function) – The function or class that maps a condition’s frequency distribution to its probability distribution. The function is called with the frequency distribution as its first argument, factory_args as its remaining arguments, and factory_kw_args as keyword arguments.
  • factory_args ((any)) – Extra arguments for probdist_factory. These arguments are usually used to specify extra properties for the probability distributions of individual conditions, such as the number of bins they contain.
  • factory_kw_args ((any)) – Extra keyword arguments for probdist_factory.